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Ghee is a clean butter with no milk fat or solids. A better butter also known as “liquid gold” that has proven health and beautify benefits, we start with a grass fed butter that has no toxins and hormones. The Gourmet Ghee Company pledges to use whole ingredients that are all natural, for instance our garlic is 100% fresh and farm grown without the use of bleach and chemicals; and grown right here in America. Our Cinnamon is freshly ground and has a pure earthy taste and smell, even our truffle aroma is all natural.  

Why not simplify your life & start with a clean butter?

Adding clarified butter known as ghee to warm beverages is a tradition that started in India centuries ago. It is best to consume ghee in a warm or blended beverage in the morning for better focus & energy. Ghee not only lubricates the joints and bones but is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. A great alternative to traditional creamers filled with hidden sugars, ghee is lactose & casein free. Adding grass fed ghee helps you stay fuller longer and elevates your mood for better focus & natural energy. Ghee is often a main ingredient in the back of commercially mixed products that falsely claim the same benefits that this simple super food offers in one spoon. Sip Happy Thoughts!

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