From Producer to Purveyor of Gourmet Ghee Butter

My name is Nazia Aibani, I am the founder and owner of the Gourmet Ghee Co. I am first generation in America, originally from India. I went to school with my husband, but we didn’t say two words to each other all through school. We met ten years later. Dated for three months and got married! We are still happy married and living on Long Island with two amazing boys, who we adore. I worked in television for fifteen years casting and developing scripted and non scripted television shows. My big Indian family and my husband are my strength, they helped me more then they will ever know. This is my story.

After having my first son I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom….words I never thought I would say. Mingling with celebrities, going to events weekly, working on sets all day, and casting shows was a big part of my life for a long time. But like most woman the thrill diminished after holding my first child in my arms.

Having a very supportive wonderful husband, we talked things over and decided. I would stay at home with the baby for as long as I wanted to. I swapped my Rolodex of celebrity contacts for diapers and wipes. It was great! being with my son day all day and and all night long and early morning hours was just fantastic! the throw up, colic, teething, it was wonderful and magical! and every time I looked at my precious baby all I could think of was…”What the hell was I thinking!” I was at the peak of my career, Director of Development at a major production company in Manhattan. Then I became everything I dreaded; a stay at home mom that spoke to anyone who would listen. I needed more in my life…So I got pregnant again.

My second son was born and it was another happy day for me, but when postpartum stepped in, I felt more trapped then ever before. The option of hiring a nanny came up but now I had been out of television and out of the loop for three years. Shows have a shelf life and things move fast, shows get canceled and picked up monthly. Also, I couldn’t see myself working long hours again and contemplating life one hour a day coming home on the Long island Rail Road boxed in a train cart with strangers.

With my second son I put on 50 extra pounds! I needed another change and more kids was out of the question. I didn’t feel like myself and even my marriage to my wonderful supportive husband turned into resentment, after all he was working and I was at home taking on all the responsibility. After trying so hard for months to get back into television it seemed hopeless.

I had been out of work for too long to go back and work seemed far fetched. The only shows I knew now were cartoons, and some nursery rhymes I memorized…I can’t tell you how many times “wheels on the bus” stayed in my head all night! Anyway I felt like my life was over.

So, like most stay at home moms in my situation. I had a nervous break down.

My mother who was visiting from India at the time, sat me down and told me something that has stayed with me until today. She said “Reinvent yourself, and what is meant to be will follow”. My mother felt my pain, and understood what I was going through. I needed to give myself a break. I needed to find myself and I found it in the most unlikely place.

One day that summer I was standing in my kitchen feeding my baby and saw a bottle of ghee from India, my mother had brought back with her. It was the most amazing taste and aroma I have ever experienced. I wondered if butter can be flavored, why couldn’t ghee?


Once again my very supportive husband helped and motivated me to start my own business. The Gourmet Ghee Company started on minimal funds, great ideas, and a mission to help others feel better from the inside out. I will never stop believing in the power of this ancient super food. I myself finally lost 60 pounds using ghee. Our edible silver and 24k Gold Ghee butter is specially designed for the ultimate “Bulletproof Shot”. I feel better, I can focus better, and eating healthy with diet and exercise are two contributing factors to my weight loss and overall success.

grass fed ghee

The Gourmet Ghee company is more then just butter and facial products, it’s a movement. Ghee is a natural ayurvedic butter that has scientific health and beauty benefits. Ghee is made the way butter was meant to be eaten, strained of milk fat and solids. Clarified butter is used in Europe as well as Asia, and my company goal is to introduce it to every house hold in America and replace saturated oils, lard, and processed name brand oils with no benefits.

My company will always use all natural ingredients, with grass fed butter (milk) to make the best clarified butter with natural antioxidants and vitamins. We are the only company that uses an ageing process with our ghee before selling to the public, like they do back home in India.

Read more about us on our website and let us “clarify” the benefits of this rich super food.

-“Leave the straining to us”.

Nazia Aibani

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