The benefits of Ghee Butter go beyond coconut oil

What is Ghee Butter Used For?

Ghee Butter originated from India, ghee was made for religious reasons as well as climate issues. It is safe & can be used to replace all butter & oils in cooking, & baking. Ghee is also safe for topical use for small burns and rashes. It holds many (proven) medicinal benefits & is a superfood that can be made sweet or savory. Ghee can also be used as a substitute for creamers.

Salted Ghee vs. Unsalted & other unnecessary forms..

There are many versions of ghee on the market, a popular flavor being pink Himalayan sea salt or added salt. Adding ghee in salt is unnecessary and actually kills all the good bacteria in ghee. The taste will be “enhanced” but has no ghee benefit. Salt has been used for years to kill bacteria in the mouth, & on meats. Ghee butter is the most simplest form of food it does not need to be in any other form besides in a jar! ghee mixed with natural ingredients is beneficial, ghee mixed with other oils is very unnecessary & not healthy.

What are “bulletproof” shots used for?

Bulletproof shots date back centuries to Northern India. The weather being extremely cold and brutal, shots of ghee were taken straight or added to beverages to keep people full longer, better focus, and get vitamins & antioxidants. Today there is so much on the market that can be easily found in one spoon of ghee. Simple is best and natural is healthier, a spoon of ghee is both!

Does Ghee help restore damaged skin & hair cells?

The answer is Yes! ghee has vitamins A,E,K it not only produces collagen naturally but it helps restore damaged cells, promotes hair growth, and glowing skin. It is extremely beneficial for digestion & helps rejuvenate from the inside out. In many parts of Africa ghee is used and applied to the scalp for softer hair due to harsh dry weather conditions. Ghee is safe for topical use & is highly recommended for facials to keep skin soft. A rule of thumb is to add salt for body scrubs, and sugar for facial scrubs.

Coconut Oil vs. Grass Fed Ghee

Coconut oil is a fairly new oil in the states, it was never really used until a couple of years ago. Coconut oil is a very acquired taste, it has all of the same benefits of ghee but people also opt for coconut oil due to being vegetarian/vegan. Ghee has the same amazing benefits of its sister oil but is more used for cooking because of its buttery taste and rich aroma. Both oils are highly recommended and good for heart and overall health. Coconut oil is mainly used in places like India more so for topical use and to promote healthy hair, ghee is more for cooking use and enhances flavors in cooking. There is no “miracle” oil, an oil is an oil and should always be eaten in moderation & be part of an overall healthy diet.