Who Are We?

Gourmet Ghee Co. produces authentic, delicious, and non-genetically modified clarified butter known as ghee. We have sweet, savory, and seasonal flavors. We find innovative avenues to “clarify the benefits”. You might have seen us on the Dr. Oz show, or picked up a gift bag at the Oscar’s, Emmy’s, or even fashion week with our ghee jars inside. If you’re a whole foods shopper, or a regular on Amazon we are the go to Ghee Company of choice for millions. We have done what no other ghee company has done before…we took a simple super food and brought it to the masses in an authentic form with whole ingredients. Next time you’re passing by a gourmet store or coffee shop ask for our ghee; we sell to over 5.000 globally.

Why choose us?

We give reasons to choose us as your health is our priority!
My great grandmother never dreamed I would bring her family recipe of making ghee butter to America. An 80 year old recipe that has been in my family for generations is what we use to make our gourmet ghee butter that is packed with antioxidants and has locked in vitamins. A spreadable super food that is simply the best! Ghee is a base ingredient and can replace all oils and butters. Our ghee has a natural taste and a slight hazelnut aroma. Ghee is a butter and oil in one, and only needs refrigeration when a spreadable texture is desired. We start with a grass fed butter and cook it to perfection in small batches and use a cooking method that thoroughly cooks the butter and burns unnecessary milk fat. Why do we strain butter for hours? So you don’t have to. Ghee is not just cooked butter; it is continuously strained for hours and goes through a heating and cooling process. Not all ghee is alike and with so many brands on the market that promise authentic ghee, why not trust a brand that clarifies the benefits and never uses anything but fresh all natural ingredients. From our pure earthy cinnamon, to black truffles and aroma that are all natural, and our fresh purple garlic that is harvested without chemicals and bleach like the rest. Even our pink Celtic salt is harvested from pristine oceans and is unrefined. We make sweet and salty ghee butter flavors so you can use ghee can be your go to oil and butter from everything to broiling and baking. We are on a mission to introduce authentic ghee to homes across America one flavor at a time.


Eating healthy can be tasty too! Sip and Spread happy thoughts with ghee.

Ghee that has taste and benefits makes a simple difference. Your base ingredient matters and what you put in your beverages, foods, baked foods, and even marinades is important. Why not start with ghee, a healthy alternative to butter and oil. We produce authentic ghee that inspires your daily life, keeps you healthy, and makes your meals tasty. Enjoy your morning coffee with a butter blend and ditch the traditional sugary creamers, add a spoon to soup broth and boost your immunity. Try our “no bones about it” garlic broth, or melt some truffle ghee and enjoy a traditional savory taste. Our ghee butter is 100% shelf-stable and lactose free. Did you know ghee acts as a brain tonic? It contains high levels of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids which helps with better brain function and calms nerves.

A calm mind = Happiness!