Cook Ghee Butter

My name is Deen and this is my little brother Adam, we have been eating ghee since we were babies.

We love ghee! Our mom makes a very special ghee like her great grandmother use to make in a country called India that you have to fly on a plane to get too. A lot of our friends who have allergies like ghee too, they use it on everything even their vegetables. We love vegetables…sometimes. One day at the grocery store when my mom was text messaging on her phone and not paying attention, we saw a jar that said cookie butter. It looked so good; we had to have it right away!

I grabbed one and tried to read the back where it said in-gre-di-ents. I couldn’t read all the words, but I can count and there were over 15 long words that sounded yucky! When my mom finally stopped working on her phone (as usual) we asked about the cookie butter and how we could make our own at home.

Our goal was to make cookie butter with fewer words in the back, so kids could understand what they’re eating. One year later after a lot of taste testing and asking our mom thousands of questions we came up with a “cookghee” spread for kids and adults to enjoy. This cookie butter has been made with ingredients we love and that our mom always has in our kitchen at home on Long Island. We want to be healthy but we want to enjoy foods we love. We hope you all enjoy it too so we can make more flavors and keep taste testing.

Thank you for reading about us,

CEOs (Cookie Eating Opportunist),

Deen & Adam