Chocolate Chip CookGhee


Cookie butter made with five simple ingredients and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. This casual comfort food has a whole new look and no preservatives! Unlike “processed perfect” cookie butters we have taken an old fashioned recipe and combined it with grass fed ghee butter. Ghee combined with date paste is a healthier alternative to store bought cookie butters. We start with fresh baked cookies that are made right on Long Island using all natural and fresh ingredients. Instead of preservatives and binders we use date paste and grass fed ghee butter. A great alternative to sugary snacks that will satisfy your sweet tooth and cookie cravings! Why did we use ghee instead of traditional oils that are found in store brought cookie butters? Like most ayurvedic and natural remedies that have come to America from India; ghee is one of the most natural and simplest. Your base ingredient matters and ghee is a form of butter and oil that is heart healthy, reduces blood cholesterol, is gut healthy, and a rich source of butyric acid that supports probiotic bacteria in the stomach. Modern medical research has shown how our stomachs are the gateway to our health and wellbeing. Why not use a base ingredient that naturally cleans the internal track and rejuvenates the body inside and out.

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