Classic Recipe


Our classic recipe is made with pure grass fed – Pasture raised butter. Ghee can replace any butter and oil; it can be used as a spread, or even as a substitute for creamer. Authentic butter coffee is a simple “energy booster” of combined coffee/milk/or tea and 1 tbsp of grass fed ghee. Ghee naturally contains amino acids, essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, and powerful antioxidants. The tradition of straining milk fat from butter started in ancient India and has been a rich staple super food for centuries, like most ayurvedic and natural remedies that have come to America from India; ghee is one of the most natural and simplest. Your base ingredient matters and ghee is a form of butter and oil that is heart healthy, reduces blood cholesterol, is gut healthy, and a rich source of butyric acid that supports probiotic bacteria in the stomach. Modern medical research has shown how our stomachs are the gateway to our health and wellbeing. Why not use a base ingredient that naturally cleans the internal track and rejuvenates the body inside and out.

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