Roasted Garlic Ghee Butter


We make sure your food carries real taste, clean ingredients, and refined products. With the simple taste of roasted garlic and grass fed ghee butter, we bring you the Roasted Garlic Ghee Butter. With the garlic properties and richness of ghee, our products motivate you to live better, feel better and eat better. Garlic extends the taste of food and carries significant compounds with medicinal properties. We specially made to induce its active and rich properties into your meals. With a high smoke point of 485 degrees it makes it safe for you to cook. Whether your frying, sautéing, broiling, or baking this versatile butter and oil can safely cook on a medium to low flame for an extended period of time. Also ghee does not burn like traditional butter; so no mess! Try our custom made recipe on our website “no bones about it” garlic ghee broth; enjoy the same benefits as bone broth without the guilt!

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